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The Sense of an Ending
Julian Barnes
Paperback | Feb 2012
1 in store $19.95
The Circle
Dave Eggers
Paperback | Apr 2014
4 in store $21.00
The Zookeeper's Wife
Diane Ackerman
Paperback | Aug 2008
4 in store $21.95
Everything, Everything
Nicola Yoon
Paperback | Mar 2017
not in store $13.99
(available for order)
The Dinner
Herman Koch
Paperback | Oct 2013
not in store $20.50
(available for order)
R J Palacio
Hardcover | Feb 2012
1 in store $21.99

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Check out the March/April curated bookshelf from Allyson Latta, Elisabeth de Mariaffi and Stuart Ross.
"George Saunders's much-awaited first novel, "Lincoln in the Bardo," is like a weird folk art diorama of a cemetary come to life. Picture, as a backdrop, one of those primitively drawn 19th-century mourning paintings with rickety white gravestones and age-worn monuments standing under the faded green canopy of a couple of delicately sketched trees. Add a tall, sad mourner, grieving over his recently deceased son. And then, to make things stranger, populate the rest of the scene with some Edward Gorey-style ghosts, skittering across the landscape -- at once menacing, comical and slightly tongue-in-cheek." The New York Times, Feb. 6, 2017

What book clubs in Peterborough and beyond are reading in 2017:
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